Cash Bouquet Melbourne

mixed flowers and cash bouquet

We all know the fantastic feeling when you receive cash for your birthday or Christmas. It’s awesome to go out and spend it on whatever you want when you want and how you want, and yes, there are gift cards, but it’s just not the same. 

However, although receiving cash as a gift is great, there is an age-old dilemma about giving money as a gift as it is perceived to be a thoughtless gesture. Now you can give the gift of a beautiful bouquet and cash combined with a Cash Bouquet Melbourne. 

What is a Cash Bouquet?

Cash Bouquets are a relatively new but already popular concept. Cash is expertly placed and nestled amongst the flowers and into the bouquet, creating a combination of money amongst beautiful blooms. 

How much does a Cash Bouquet cost?

A Cash Bouquet Melbourne costs the amount of the floral bouquet, plus the additional cash. How much money you choose to place within the bouquet is up to you. 

Do You Deliver Cash Bouquets Melbourne?

At In Full Bloom, we have over twenty-five years of experience creating and delivering floral arrangements across Melbourne with Melbourne Flower Delivery. 

We deliver Cash Bouquets across Melbourne with our same day Cash Bouquet Melbourne delivery service. 

What flowers are used in a cash bouquet?

Roses are the most popular choice for Cash Bouquets Melbourne. However, we can also create stunning cash bouquets, other seasonal blooms and floral arrangements.