Peace Lilies—A Gift That Keeps Giving

Consider buying peace lilies for a gift that will bring peace and harmony to your recipient’s home. Known for its healing properties, this beautiful plant will be a welcome addition to anyone’s space.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, or partner, peace lilies are a gift that’s sure to bring a smile to their face. This article will share all our tips for giving the peace lily plant as a gift.

Why Send Someone Peace Lilies?

A peace lily plant is a good plant gift because they’re low-maintenance and resilient. If your loved one is known to kill plants, a peace lily could restore their confidence. What’s more, peace lilies are stunning with their calming lush green leaves and pure white flowers.

To Show Sympathy

Since they represent peace, they can be great flowers for someone having a hard time. They also symbolise prosperity, so they’re suitable for wishing someone success in the new year. If your friend has recently lost their job, a peace lily can brighten up their day.

To Ask Forgiveness

If you’ve recently fought with a friend, peace lilies can also symbolise a truce. The white flowers of the plant are like waving a white flag. Therefore, they’re an excellent way to ask for forgiveness.

Funeral Flowers

Since peace lilies can show compassion, they’re a popular option funeral flowers. These are a thoughtful choice for bringing to a funeral or sending to someone who’s had a loss.

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Benefits of Peace Lilies

Remove Toxins

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, peace lilies are among the top ten household cleaning plants. They’re effective at removing pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, and others. Since most people are spending more time indoors, eliminating toxins is essential.

Harmonise the Environment

They also help to harmonise the energy of their environment, according to Feng Shui principles.  Along with their ability to clear toxins, they’re believed to create calm, cleansing vibrations. Aside from elevating the space visually, they can also help to brighten the mood in a room.

Easy Maintenance

As mentioned before, peace lilies don’t require much watering, maintenance, or upkeep. They’re perfect for keeping inside the bedroom as they don’t like direct sunlight. It’s also best to lightly mist them every day or so to keep the plant hydrated.

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