4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Florist

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist Melbourne

Do you live in Melbourne and have an upcoming wedding? 

If so, a wedding florist Melbourne service like InFullBloom can come in handy. Wedding flowers make your special day adorable and pretty and complement your non-flower décor. Also, they are unmistakably the quintessential representation of joy, happiness, and love. 

While flowers spruce up the mood of your wedding, determining the right ones and the right florist to supply and design your floral arrangement for you can be a headache. Professional florists are indispensable when it comes to making your wedding memorable and unique. 

However, not every florist may be the best choice for your wedding. Some may have very little experience or ideas on wedding flowers, and others may not even have an interest in weddings.

If you are struggling to get a perfect wedding florist Melbourne service, here are four essential tips to follow:

Beach Themed Wedding

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Explore the Type of Flowers and Floral Arrangements They Offer (…And That You Like)

From aisles and table decorations to bouquets and boutonnieres, there can be no wedding without wedding flowers. 

But before you go searching for a wedding florist, it is good to know what style you want to avoid getting the wrong types of flowers for your special day. The flowers you choose must match the theme, venue, and style of your wedding. 

  • Are you set on a beach wedding? Calla lilies, Orchids, birds of paradise, monster leaves, and anthurium make some excellent flower choices. 
  • Are you a bohemian princess? Go for large garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace, feather eucalyptus, baby blue eucalyptus, and veronica filler for a lovely boho chic effect. 
  • Do you prefer a classic church wedding? Then roses, peonies, ferns, ivy, ferns, baby’s breath, hydrangea, and carnations are your best bet. 

With these considerations, you’ll have an idea of what to ask for when you meet your wedding florist to ensure that match your style and venue requirements.

Person's Hand Near Flowers

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Consult Friends and Family for First-hand Referrals

Friends and family members who’ve wedded before can make excellent referrals. 

Although you can quickly search for the best wedding florist Melbourne service on the internet or in wedding magazines, it is hard to determine their reliability because family members and friends will share their first-hand experiences with a specific florist. 

Also, their information will be honest, so you’ll get a reliable wedding florist and one within your budget.

Leave Enough Time Before the Wedding to Interview Several Florists 

One mistake couples-to-be make is picking a wedding florist in a hurry. 

Most people do not prioritise finding a florist in their wedding planning and end up picking one with days to go before the wedding, which can lead to regrettable results. 

Develop a list of all the wedding florist Melbourne recommended in good time and then schedule an in-person meeting with each of them to get a better idea of who is the best wedding florist for your wedding. 

One of the qualities of a professional wedding florist is that they listen; they are good at absorbing information on what you want for your special day and coming up with the perfect floral design that realises your vision. 

However, you can only discover if a wedding florist is right for you through several consultative meetings. 

Picking the Perfect Wedding Florist – Key Takeaways

Woman Fixing Flowers in Vase

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  • Quiz your wedding florist about their specific services and prices before engaging them; make sure that they offer services that are in line with your budget.
  • Determine if they can recreate your desired wedding flower arrangement; ask to see a portfolio of previous weddings.
  • Investigate customer reviews online to determine if your intended wedding florist is reliable. 
  • Are they approachable? Your wedding florist should be flexible and be open to new ideas, suggestions, and discussions, and willing to be a part of your journey until the wedding is over. 
  • Also, are they available? Your wedding florist should be available and responsive when you need them. 

Wrapping It Up

Remember, there are times you’ll need to visit flower farms with your wedding florist to find the type of flowers you’ll need for your wedding. Give yourself fully to the process to ensure you get the perfect look for your wedding. 

In case you are having challenges getting the perfect wedding florist Melbourne service, do not hesitate to get in touch with InFullBloom by calling 03 9696 1688. You can also contact us on the website or pop into our Clarendon Street shop for a one-on-one consultation.